glamour escort London

Address: Natalia, London Escort Agency, England

Phone: 7741399253

Nationality: English

Age: Not available

Website: Black


Description - Natalia glamour escort London

Naughty Natalia would be too obvious for this perfect mature woman. She is the epitome of what a woman should be. She is sexy, educated and attractive. Her soft blonde hair frames a pretty face with clear eyes and soft and beautiful skin. Natalia is totally natural from her blonde hair to her breasts there is nothing fake about this classic Nordic style beauty she is everything you could want in a mature escort. She is hard working and educated and tries to make all of her dates feel comfortable and welcome straight away. Her statuesque beauty reminds you of an Amazon princess and whilst definitely not “haughty” she carriers herself with a presence that makes believe that you are indeed in the company of a queen and she will make you feel like a king if only for one night.