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Address: Cameron667, London Escort (Independent), England

Phone: 33 670 670 371

Nationality: English

Age: 29 years

Website: Black


Description - Cameron667 escort deluxe London

I am Cameron, born in the depths of the Russian Federation. I became citizen of the world. I lived in Spain and I settled now in London, United Kingdom. I always have been interested in knowing other people, different cultures and open myself to the whole world.... A Latin philosopher once stated and wrote that speaking a foreign language means likely living an other life.... I am fluent in Russian, Spanish and English and it would be just fun to learn some French as well... The world is a puzzle that I am trying to put all together. A mozaic that the Mighty proposed us to widen our own heart and soul. The world is full of wealth all around, you just have to open your eyes and let your sensitivity grabing it. My people describe me as sensitive, romantic and a pasionate lover and you just give much to the othersmore when you just received yourself a lot.... Why should not we share together a part of the magic....?? Step into my world.... My Gallery